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Making Sense of 20 Billion Euros Worth of Spanish Properties
25 May 2005, Spain's largest English-language property portal, has launched two new services to help buyers take the guesswork out of choosing a Spanish property.

Kyero recently passed a significant milestone by posting the 50,000th property at Now, the company is putting that ever-growing collection of homes in Spain to good use by calculating and displaying price comparison information.

Visitors to can download the free, seven-page Price Guide categorised by number of bedrooms and Spanish province. Inside, they can discover, for example, the average price of a three-bed property in Almeria ( 219K - page 5 of the report ). On the same page, they also learn that this is calculated from a sample of 1,011 properties and that this size of property in Almeria is 38% less expensive than the national average. Covering all the popular Spanish provinces, the Price Guide is updated every month, making it the most current and accurate source of pricing information available.

The Price Guide report gives buyers the big picture of what's happening in the Spanish property market. "We recommend that purchasers download this free report and use it as part of their property research toolkit", said Martin Dell, managing director of Additionally, specific price comparisons are displayed next to every one of the portal's 50,000 properties. "Mostly, potential purchasers want to get a feel for property values in a specific area and understand how one area compares to another," explains Dell. "Whenever a property is displayed on, the buyer now has instant access to ten average price calculations, enabling them to make better-informed price decisions."

There are three main ways that Kyero's average price comparisons help the potential purchaser:
1. Understanding the price differential between properties within the same province: A two-bed property in Malaga costs 291K while a three-bed requires an extra 135K
2. Comparing prices between 'similar' locations: The price of a one-bed property varies by 11% between the Balearic and Canary Islands.
3. Establishing a baseline figure to help when assessing the value of any particular property: If the average price of a two-bed property in Granada is 172K, why is THIS property 150K?

"Be careful though. Average price calculations always come with caveats," continues Dell. "Statistics in general are only useful when their potential weaknesses are made clear at the outset. These are the main limitations to bear in mind when browsing the collection of Spanish homes at

1. Prices are 'as advertised' actual sales prices will almost certainly differ.
2. The two, most popular provinces of Malaga and Alicante ( Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca ), significantly affect the national average figures because they represent 68% of the properties evaluated.
3. A small number of properties in some provinces means that the prices are less likely to represent the 'actual' average

Dell summarises "The Kyero Price Guide is not perfect but it is a huge step in the right direction because it automates the calculations that potential buyers already perform for themselves. We have tried hard to add real value to the buying process because better informed customers make better purchasing decisions that benefit the individual AND the entire Spanish property market in the long term."

The Kyero service is free for renters and buyers and is not affiliated with property developers or estate agents nor does it receive commissions based on property sales or rentals. Funded entirely from pre-paid advertising fees, is a comprehensive and impartial resource for potential buyers who make direct contact with the estate agents of their choice.  

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